(Frequently asked questions)

What kind of credit score do I need to buy a home?

Most loan programs require a FICO score of 620 or better. Borrowers with higher credit scores represent less risk to the lender, often resulting in a lower the down payment requirement and better interest rate. Conversely, home shoppers with lower credit scores may need to bring more money to the table.

Why should I use a REALTOR®

A REALTOR® may act on your behalf, providing you with advice and guidance when buying or selling a home. Due to the constant changing of the market, the information available on listings is not always 100% accurate.  There are times when you need the most current information about what has sold or is for sale, and the only way to get that is with a REALTOR®
If you are in the market to buy, it would be advisable to use a Buyer's Agent.  They can make recommendations on what terms and prices to offer as well as negotiating a deal with your best interest in mind.

Will you deep clean my new home if i buy with you?

Absolutely, to ensure my clients move into a nice & clean home I have each home deep cleaned by professionals. My special way of saying thank-you for allowing me to respresent you!

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